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By availing our book editing services online, you’re getting your book edited by seasoned, professional editors who work with bestselling authors in every genre. You’ll receive a fully edited manuscript along with any additional editor notes and suggestions. You will be working with an editor with the best combination of skills and experience for you. At, we make sure our Book Editing Services help enhance every manuscript we work on with several key features:


Genre Specific Editors:
We will provide an editor as per the genre of the work, as we work with highly experienced and niche specific editors, you will get the best fit.


Choice Of Editing Style Manual:
You may choose from popular style manuals such as the Chicago Style manual or the Oxford Style guide. We can also help in recommending the best editing style for your work.


Regional Colloquialism:
For the fast growing community of Indian Authors and readers, our editors keep in mind the colloquialisms widely used and accepted in India as well.


Choice Of Language Format:
Language support is one the parameters that makes you different. Keeping this in mind, we provide you the choice of language you want.


Content Curing:
Our Editors, with their knowledge and expertise in language, story-telling, book creation and stylistic elements will add to the readability of the work.


Proofreading Services:
Our proofreading services help in reducing those pesky typos and inadvertent grammatical errors, it will help you go error-free in the market.

Language Format and Guidelines

The Oxford Style Guide:
The University style guide is the house style of The Oxford University and is meant for use and reference when writing or editing material for University publications. Over a period, this has become one of the most respected style guides for the usage of UK English.

The Economist Style Guide:
The Economist Style Guide is the house style of the British newspaper, The Economist. Although the style guide was originally meant for journalism, it has many users across industries and can be adopted by writers as well. This guide could be followed for manuscripts with focus on crisp content rather than description and narrative.

The Chicago Manual of style:
The Chicago Manual of Style is one of most respected style guides for American English. This style guide, published by the University of Chicago Press, is extensively used for fiction and non-fiction publications in the USA and elsewhere.


Proofreading is a virtual necessity for a manuscript about to be published to ensure that a ‘clean’ (error-free) manuscript is sent to the printer or the e-book processor. Proofreading is done at the final stage of a manuscript where detail-oriented language experts check the text for typos and basic grammatical and spelling errors. Proofreaders also make sure the appearance of the book is uniform and pleasing and that the style sheet has been followed faithfully.

BecomeShakespeare_Marketing Services for first time authors

INR 0.5 per word.


1 Week

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Basic Editing

If your manuscript has evolved to the point where your storyline, the structure and flow of your ideas and the characterisation on aspects of your manuscript are just right, but the language could be polished further, then the Basic Editing package is for you.

Basic editing or copy editing involves an Editor going through the manuscript line by line and cleaning up grammatical, phrasing and punctuation errors, re-writing a few words if need be, while making sure a specified house style is followed. Copy editing ensures reduction of grammatical and spelling mistakes, incorrect usages, repetitions and clichés, long sentences, and jargon. What evolves is a polished uniformity of tone and writing style, voice, sentence structure, and phrasing which follows international publishing standards.

BecomeShakespeare_Marketing Services for first time authors

INR 0.6 per word


1 – 3 weeks depending on the length of the manuscript

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Extensive Editing

If your manuscript is one which would profit from a detailed study by an objective authority in the domain who could help you with each aspect of the craft, the Extensive Editing Package is perfect for you. In this collaborative process, an Editor reviews your manuscript thoroughly and works actively with you to create a market-ready book. Suppose your manuscript has a few plot-holes, logical issues, contradictions, limited or inconsistent characterisation, factual errors or syntactical problems, the Editor will be able to analyse the issues and chalk out a way forward.

The Editor will make sure scenes are tightened up, that the language is spot on and will check if an interesting chapter or section should be brought forward or moved back. The service includes but is not limited to – the rearranging, deleting, adding and rewording of entire pages and chapters. This enhances the readability of the book, adding up to the best possible journey for the reader through the world of your story or ideas.
Encompassing aspects of Structural, Developmental and Copy Editing, the Extensive Editing package provides a full suite of editorial attention for your book.

BecomeShakespeare_Marketing Services for first time authors

INR 1 per word


4 – 6 weeks depending on the length of the manuscript

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Free Evaluation

If you would like to receive feedback on the editing requirements of your manuscript, you can do the following :

Send a synopsis and a few chapters from your manuscript to

We will get back to you in 72 working hours with feedback.

Alternatively, you can get a detailed sample evaluation with track changes in your manuscript (up to 3500 words).
To do so, Click here.


Yes, you will absolutely have all required direct communication with the manuscript editor working on your book, only in case of Extensive Editing. However, for copy editing and proofreading services, the co-ordination will be through the project manager. The communication will be over emails and our project management system. Meeting in person is rather difficult as we have manuscript editors all across the globe and won’t be able to ascertain if the most suitable manuscript editor for your work will be in your city.

It depends on the manuscript editing service taken. If the author has taken extensive editing or book mentoring services, then the manuscript editor will be giving the necessary feedback for the book. Please read more here on the various types of manuscript editing services we offer.

Proofreading services are the last and final stage of editing services before the manuscript goes for printing. We offer a wide variety of editing services ranging from proofreading to basic editing or extensive editing depending on the requirements of your manuscript. Get in touch with us for more details.

Though proofreading and book editing services sound the same, proofreading is a subset of editing services.

From assisted writing to editing services, everything is provided in different packages to cater to the needs of the author. not only provides English editing services but also provides editing services in various regional languages like Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, etc. provides complete manuscript editing services along with printing and distribution all across the globe.

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