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The sole purpose of our existence is to serve creative individuals, help them shape their dreams into commercially viable products/books, and connect them to the worldwide market. The Wordit Art Fund (WAF) is a part of the same initiative through which we are able to give back to the writing community. More than hundreds of authors have used WAF to take their forward already.

If you think your work deserves to become a published book.
Let financial constraints not stop you from taking your work forward!
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What does WAF enable?

We financially fund several projects each month,
for deserving authors, interesting niches which
deserve publishing. We fund the projects
between 66% to 100% from WAF.

How to submit to the Wordit Art Fund?

A. Recommendation:

Get a letter of recommendation from an author who has traditionally published her / his work, an editor working in a publishing firm, a journalist, an acclaimed academic, a person of repute in the space of your work or any author who has published using WAF. Submit the letter of recommendation along with the submission, i.e a couple of chapters, a synopsis and a note about the author. Kindly mention, ‘Application for Wordit Art Fund’ in the subject line of your email.

B. Direct submission:

If you are not able to find a suitable recommendation.Make a direct submission, i.e a couple of chapters, a synopsis and a note about the author and a letter of request from your end, of why the work or you need the grant. In the subject line mention ‘Application for Wordit Art Fund’. We will internally access the project and let you know if we can help the WAF grant for your project.