Estimate the Production Cost & the Minimum MRP of your book by using the Production Cost Calculator.

Production Cost Calculator

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Set a price greater than the Minimum MRP to calculate your earnings using the Author Royalty Calculator.

Author Royalty Calculator

Set an MRP above the minimum recommended price and hit ‘Calculate’ to see how much you earn.
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*Please note that in some cases, author royalty might marginally vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Author royalty calculator gives an approximate figure of royalty, which an author will receive. The printing price determines the price of a book and the price of a book determines the MRP. Then the margin on MRP determines the royalty of the author. So although the author royalty calculator, book price calculator and printing cost calculator are different, they are all interlinked.

Ideally, both printing cost calculator and book price calculator are used to find MRP, as to calculate the book price we need to find the exact printing cost of a book.

Sellers and eCommerce websites usually charge a 50% distribution fee on MRP on the books they sell. Hence, the royalty you receive is lower than the one you will receive via our own website, where lower distribution fees are levied and this advantage translates into higher profits for the author.

We credit royalty on quaterly basis. The author shall receive a monthly statement of accounts by email, showing the number of copies sold and his approved earnings.