Why Shakespeare?

You probably know Shakespeare as one of the most popular and influential writers in the English language. But did you know that he had only basic schooling, started out as a struggling actor, was much scorned by critics, and went completely against the established norm? And yet, Shakespeare stayed true to what his heart told him. He blazed a whole new trail and created a unique style of writing that changed literature forever.


Perhaps there’s some of the Shakespeare magic in you. Perhaps you have a really compelling story to tell – and you tell it a different way. Maybe you have a completely unique writing style; your themes and characters are a far cry from the mainstream order. And surely, in your heart, you believe in the writer inside you. If any of this rings a bell, then talk to us!


Here’s something more about Shakespeare.
Just like you, Shakespeare too was:

An Amateur

Shakespeare began his career as an actor andhad to steadily work his way up to become aplaywright. It was his confidence that helped him take the leap of faith from amateur actor to writer, and gave literature some of the finest plays and poems ever written. What better role model for aspiring writers than this icon who followed his heart!

A Rule Breaker

Shakespeare not only bent and broke the traditional rules of grammar and drama, and created his own rules about time, space and plot in his plays, but also freely mixed prose with verse.

A Believer

Shakespeare was frequently derided and mocked by fellow university-trained playwrights for trying to write and be like them. The most well-known barb is from Robert Greene who referred to Shakespeare as an “upstart Crow (who) supposes he is as well able to bombast out a blank verse as the best of (us)” and who, ironically, is remembered today not for his writing but for this piece of nasty criticism! Indeed, no critic or adversary could shake Shakespeare’s unswerving belief inhimself and his work.

At becomeshakespeare.com, we support fresh new talent in writing, help you blaze your own trails and reach the pinnacle of your literary pursuits. The Orange Frame awaits you – we hope to help you discover your inner Shakespeare and showcase it for the world to see.

Keep believing! Keep writing!


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