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India In Shambles

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I recently laid my hands on the the book “India in Shambles – Only The Judiciary Can Save Us” by KC Agarwal. When i laid my hands on the book, i had my doubts, but believe me they were all dispelled by the depth of the research and the simple yet novellness of the ideas presented in this neat book. The Book is written in two parts. Part one talk about diagnosing the maladies ailing our nation and to determine their tangible cures. Part two of the book talks about Building the nation. Here ther author provides the roadmaps and guidelines to place the nation amongst the most prosperous and powerful nations in the world by making optimum use of our resources. Throughout the book, KC Agarwal points to an honest attempt at providing a Responsible and Accountable System of Governance for the people of India and fulfilling the basic objectives of our struggle for freedom. The book and with further extension the author believes that the tough geo-political scenarios that India and Indians are facing is the result of vote bank politics and if the judiciary is given enough power, it will be able to solve this. To a certain extent i do agree with the author, however there is and cant be a silver bullet to the problems that India is facing on multiple fronts. Yes, judiciary may solve a few. This book i must say is a rarity in today’s times and points to ways we can end if not all, then at least some of the bigger challenges that the country and its common people are facing. I hope that this book gets wider coverage in the press and the likes of our politicos look at the simple yet practical examples of how we can get India back on track and the smile back on Indians. India info line Recently launched book, ‘India in Shambles – Only the judiciary can Save us’, by well-known author KC Agrawal and published by, signifies a genuine attempt at providing a responsible and accountable System of Governance for the people in India, and fulfilling the basic objectives of their struggle for freedom. The Book launch event held at the Press Club of India, Delhi, was well-attended by several dignitaries like like Dr. SY Quraishi (Ex-Chief election commissioner), Mr. Sunil Sethi (Social Activist), and Mr. Vijay Jolly (BJP- All India in charge of Tripura). The interactive event observed heated discussions over the author’s views on the Indian constitution during post-independence era. The book was then released by the panelists present, and expert comments were given by Dr. SY Quraishi. The book thus received the much needed political and media recognition it deserved. The depth of the research, and the simple yet original ideas presented in this book by the author, provides roadmaps and guidelines to place the nation amongst the most prosperous and powerful nations in the world by making optimum use of our resource. The author is an electrical engineer and senior member of IEEE, USA and has had more than 33 years of experience in different capacities – in Academics, PSUs, and Multinationals. Some 20 years ago, greatly moved by the country’s highly dreadful condition and the sight of poverty-stricken people, he pledged to do something for the nation and, hence, steer the people out from their somber plight to a glorious future. His present work is the next step in furtherance of this cause. The author also shows his concern on the issue of ‘freebies’ in election seasons.  According to Agrawal, the purpose of establishing governments is to develop the nation and empower people naturally. Elections are a process to elect worthy guardians to establish responsible governments capable of fulfilling the socio-economic requirements of the Constitution (Article 38). Article 38 is fundamental in the governance of the country. Freebies allure the voters and the most derogatory effect of it is negligence and impunity of our legislature and the entire government machinery down the line. Consequently, it germinates ‘no accountability’ and ‘no responsibility’ in our entire governing system that is responsible to push the nation to the present state. Instead, it should be necessary for all Political parties and candidates to state their active developmental plans to alleviate the miseries of the people naturally, and attempts to fulfil the basic objectives of the Constitution. Readers of his books have expressed great enthusiasm for the project, and hope that the politicians will comprehend the findings of the book and provide a more responsible system of governance for the people of India. People have been encouraged to tweet about their views on the book after they have read it. ‘’Agrawal, a renowned author of many books, has suggested several models for development, for those who are in any way concerned about the well being of India, the book is a must-read for them.’’– The Political and Business Daily.