First Job and Ten Mistakes By Uttam Kumar Review by Priyankabatrahrjai My Review: Getting the first job gives a sense of fulfillment in life. They are the most joyful moments for any person getting employed. Gifts, treats, celebration and savings (if possible) are the basic strategies that one counts on for spending the FIRST salary but surprisingly enough the things do not go lavishly as planned. My dear readers, who have already enjoyed their share of first salary, are well aware of the facts that I am pointing towards but for the others who still have to relish the fruits, here is a piece of wise advice from author – Uttam Kumar. He is a mathematician and hence a magician of numbers. He presents you with a handy self-help guidance which will motivate you to plan and spend in a wiser but not a miser manner. I understand that every individual has his personal dreams and aspirations related to expenditure as well but there seems no harm in having an understanding beforehand. It will help you in strategizing the financials with a professional touch. Some of you might think, what is a need of having such a book? I suggest that these days, usually youngsters do not welcome advice from parents and elders with respect to the expenditures and listening to a friend is harm! He attempts to alert you on danger points and actions with such a ease that you will enjoy grasping the essence of the chapters and identify the mistakes with no extra burden on brain cells. He had structured the book in a ten-chapter format wherein every chapter analyzes the mistake scenario and suggests the actionable with the help of charts and tables. A few might think that these features are not necessary but make the planning confusing. In that case, you can just go through the headers suggested and calibrate your expenses in order to ensure that no head is left unattended. Please, do not expect and be afraid of lengthy, boring (sometimes confusing) and brain draining explanations and equations or case studies that are generally discussed in books from similar genre. He opts for a fresh and refreshing approach of mentioning the worthy information in point-wise format. This book is equally useful for first-time employees and seasoned employees as well. I am confident that you will have a lot to learn and refresh from what he has packaged in his 44 book. This comes as a useful book in corporate libraries and public libraries which are hot hunting points for the target markets. About the Author: Uttam Kumar has a Masters degree in Mathematics. He has had a liking for writing since he was in 9th standard but “First Job and Ten Mistakes” is his first published work. His upcoming books include “The Moment of Truth” and “Recruitment Hijacked”.