Because There Is A Writer Within You

Writer within you
Words, said Lord Byron, are things, and small drops of ink, falling like dew upon a thought, producing that which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think. Words should be written obsessively, incessantly and with maddening hunger. They should be written to the point of suffocation, to the point where the reader develops a connection so strong with the characters, that he doesn’t know where he ends and where they begin. This is why they say that a good book is very powerful. Because it has the power to destroy you. You become the character in the book. You go to places with them. You start loving them, hating them and understanding them, because there is a writer within you If you are someone who writes, you are a born storyteller. You are someone who understands both the simplicity and the depth of the written word. Your hero is no movie star or singer, but he is a philosopher or a poet. You feel that writing is the only way to explore life’s mysteries. You feel connected with someone who reads the same books as you do. If you write, people can hear your voice in your words. You are someone whose mind bursts into flames with an idea at 3 am. Write, if there is a book within you. Write, if you have a story to tell. Write, even if the writer within you percolates under the covers of your fear and insecurity; because if you do not write, they will cloud your consciousness and haunt you. You will never get finished until you start. Start from anything and anywhere. It can be the beginning, middle or the end. Once you start giving words to your thought, they will flow automatically. There are a number of online English book publishing companies which can help you give a start to your dream. Browse through their website to get more information about self-publishing and becoming an author.