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Allow us to manage your social media, and we will help enhance the fan base as well as keep your followers engaged with relevant and creative content across the platforms of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Get Going
In this digital age, your social media presence as an author is a building block to your brand. Social media can help you boost website traffic, sell more books, build brand recognition, and get you a ready fanbase for your next book.

The Process

Book Publishing Packages

Getting Started
Setting up the Social Media Accounts, Customizing the Pages, Creating Content and Designing your target readers.

Book Building Audience

Building An Audience
Creating appealing display advertisements on Facebook to reach readers, following targeted readers, journalists and publishers on Twitter.


Good Branding
Engaging readers and followers by sharing interesting content including Images, Videos, Blog posts and other updates to enhance author’s brand Image.


Premium Reporting
This Report will demonstrate the performance of the author’s social media pages and will be shared with the author on a monthly basis.

The Workflow

Phase 1 – Setting Up Of Social Accounts
Phase 2 – Content Strategy
Phase 3 – Designing The Content
Phase 4 – Building Audience
Phase 5 – Weekly Monitoring & Reporting

Creating Your Account

Book and Author Brief
Information about the author, the book will be updated on the author’s social media handles along with a personalized cover image and background. The e-book format of the book cover will be used for social updates and hence has to be sent to us when we are setting up the accounts.

Target readers
At this stage it is imperative to identify the target audience and their age, gender, location and interests. For example, a spiritual book will have a different target audience than a romance fiction.

We will have to be informed about any book events or other book-related activities within the author’s social graph, so we can keep the readers informed. We will also require admin rights to the author’s social media handles.

We will need the CSV file of the author’s contacts from their email account so we can shoot out invites to follow updates on the author’s social pages. The author will hand over all social media accounts for the period of the service, post which the admin rights will be handed back to him. However, the author can still access the social media pages and share posts over and above what we execute.

Content Strategy

There are 7 types of content posts that we recommend.

We will choose what we feel works the best for your book according to its genre.
1) Images
2) Text
3) Videos/GIFs
4) Other people/pages content
5) Website/Blog Posts
6) Event Updates
7) Contests/Sweepstakes

Best Practices we follow:
Visual updates (static images/video) are preferable to textual/link updates.

Facebook is a peer-to-peer network whereas Twitter is a leader-follower conversation based network. We understand how best to optimise what each of these platforms has to offer before we begin sharing content.

Designing The Content

We start by designing cover Images for Facebook, background Images for Twitter and required creatives for Instagram. We use the best tools and software to design social media posts. We create different templates for different types of content posts. These are shared with the authors first to seek their approval. We make sure that the templates are in line with the theme of the book. For example, the template for a Poetry Book will be different from the template for a Thriller Book.

Timeline – Ongoing process.

Once the social media posts are created and designed, the next step would be to schedule all the posts on a weekly basis and post the content. The goals for this service delivery are aligned and tracked diligently to keep pace with the requirements.

Timeline – Ongoing Process

Building Audience

First, we will send invites to the author’s friends and contacts to build a basic audience. This ensures that when the people beyond the ones you already know visit the page, it is already populated with posts.

Facebook Ad Campaign for the author’s book
We will create advertisements with appealing text and pictures and set up a campaign through Facebook, which will then show these advertisements to the author-targeted readers. We will decide the target group of readers based on: age, gender, location and interests. The author ads will reach the desired audience and lead them directly to the author’s Facebook page if they click on it.

Following relevant groups and other authors
Since most successful authors are present on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter these days, it is a good practice to connect with them. We will join relevant groups and communities on Facebook, follow the targeted readers, journalists & publishers.

Timeline – Ongoing process

Monitoring & Reporting

A Monthly report will include all activities that were executed for the author’s social media pages on a daily basis to understand the performance of the respective pages. This will help you analyze your brand image across the social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These reports will also help you get an insight into what is being said about your brand and your posts. We will track and monitor the page on a daily basis and enhance the page on a monthly basis.

Our Offerings:

Social Media Marketing is an integral part of the marketing strategy of any product available in the market. The average traffic that various social media platforms attract on a daily basis is enough for anyone to understand the power and influence social media commands. The purpose of social media marketing is to build a brand. In this case, the brand might be your book or you, as an author. It’s essential to build your visibility to engage with existing readers while reaching out to potential readers.

Keeping the same in mind, we have curated a variety of offerings to help you achieve your goals via social media marketing. Our offerings include:

1. Setting up of social media accounts
2. Basic Social Media Package
3. Customised Social Media Package.

For other social media marketing queries, feel free to get in touch with us at

Creating Social Media Accounts:

Considering your potential readers can be easily reached online, setting up of social media accounts can be a game changer for self-published authors. The deliverables for this services includes:


– INR 3,000 per platform
– INR 9,000 for all 3 platforms
(exclusive of taxes)

Basic Social Media Package:

Once you’ve set up your account, it is extremely crucial to ensure there is an ongoing interaction and engagement happening on a regular basis on your social media handles. This will not only facilitate a constant dialogue with your existing audience but will also enable reaching out to new, potential audience/reader. The deliverables of this service involves:

– INR 45,000 for 3 months.
– INR 15,000 for one month.
(exclusive of taxes)

Customised Social Media Package:

Taking basic social media package a notch above, this service involves a more strategic outlook at creating content plan for your social media handles. To facilitate better reach among relevant audience, this service involves monthly promotions on through highly targeted ads on relevant social media platforms.Not only will this aid the visibility of your social media account, this will also help you garner the required traction for your book from relevant readers. The deliverables of this service includes:


– INR 75,000 for 3 months
– INR 30,000 for one month

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS provides a wide range of book publishing and marketing services. As per the need of the author, our marketing services range from managing social media handles, running ad campaigns, creating an author website, providing book reviews to author interviews.

The first step towards marketing your book is to define an audience (probable readers) for the book and reach them. To reach this audience digitally, one has few set of options:

- Search Media
- Own media (social media, own website, own blog, etc.)
- Other people’s media which has the same audiences (bloggers, relevant social media pages, etc.)

While promoting your book on social media, your key objectives remain to define an audience, Building your community, Engaging with your audience, and widening your community. We have put together this process to help you garner the best results from social media marketing in our 9-week publishing course.

In case you're wondering how to market your book, our team will need to strategize the content for your handle, then work on the copy and then the design aspects of the same. Currently, the social media content strategy is complementary with the three months social media management package.

With millions of active users, social media provides an opportunity to tap into audiences from different landscapes. And given the audience size and traffic which it draws, it is very important to market on social media as it is cost-efficient as well. Social media marketing plays a vital role in the overall marketing strategy for any business. That being said, for books, social media can open doors to readers across the globe, an opportunity you shouldn't let go considering the affordability that it comes with.

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