Understanding Book Publishing as an Industry

Book Publishing Industry
This is a blog of verified truths by experts and attempts to hold a balanced perspective of every key stakeholder in the book publishing industry. We interacted with several Best Selling Authors, Best- in-Class Traditional Book Publishers, Commissioning Editors, Self Published Authors, Co-Published Authors, Self Publishers, Literary Agents, Online Book Retailers, Offline Book Stores (Brick and Mortar stores), Printers, Supply Chain experts, Editors, Design Studios, ERP and CRM experts, Book Publicists, Digital Marketing Gurus, and few more champions of the trade. Basically, we ran through all core stakeholders of the book publishing industry, checked and double-checked their opinions, claims, and stories to put this blog together. We did this exercise with over 500 personnel globally to distill and put up information which is sound. These truths unfolded when we began our journey, to create a service for Authors, which will truly help them reach the pinnacle of their literary journey. As we keep travelling, we will keep writing about our discoveries. As an Author, should you have any questions about the publishing industry, please send them across. We will try and answer them for you. Also, we will share the learning with others, post verification of the query/information. Please note, we will not mention names of individuals or companies on this podium to keep it strictly as a knowledge sharing platform and not make it either a marketing or grievance sharing forum. Please do write to us at: hello@becomeshakespeare.com Also, just feel free to use any content from this blog anywhere, no permissions required. Please ensure you give us the credits by mentioning ‘Quoted from BecomeShakespeare.Com Blog’. Spread the knowledge! Read here why: Understand Publishing Why most Self Published Authors fail?