Self-Publishing is the Way to Go

Benefits of self publishing
Commercial publishers these days are not taking a particular interest in publishing the work of new authors. They still prefer to stick to established writers who have already garnered a respect in the industry. This does not mean that new budding authors do not stand a chance. There is always the option of self-publishing your work instead of waiting to be approved by a publisher. Mentioned below are the reasons that state as to why you should self-publish your book instead of going to an established author.
  • You have the complete ownership over your book, you and only you are responsible for the book you write and publish.
  • The entire profit that you earn through your self-published work is yours. If you go to a publisher to get your book published he will keep most of the profits for himself. When you self-publish everything that is earned through the book comes to you.
  • When you know that the market is not too huge, it is best to self-publish the book instead of relying on a publisher. There is no point spending a large sum of money for a market which is very small.
  • If you are not in a hurry to publish your work and can do without a professional editor you should go for self-publishing. You can save a lot of money and take charge of the design, the layout of the books.
  • You have the advantage of self-publishing your book on the basis of Print on Demand. This means that your books can be sold worldwide without keeping a large stock of books.
  • If you enjoy the challenges that come across when self-publishing your work, you should definitely go for it.
Self-publishing will surely get you more readers than you would have expected. To know how to self-publish your book, you can contact us and get the best ideas and information on self-publishing.