How to make Self Publishing Work?

Self Publishing
Self Publishing is a very powerful tool and can kickstart your career as an author – if executed well. For that to happen you need the help of experienced professionals who can work to create the best possible publishing platform for you, on par with traditionally published authors. While creating BecomeShakespeare.Com (BSC), we wanted to make sure that we offer the very best of essential publishing services to authors & tips on how to self publish a book, while ensuring we do not sell unnecessary / irrelevant services, provide the highest value and delight to our authors at every point. Through BSC you now have access to industry standard services like: Traditional Press Editing: Good editing and proofreading are a core differentiator between self published books and traditionally published books. We studied professional pre-press teams of traditional publishers, absorbed and integrated their best practices, house styles and editing systems to create an excellent team of Editors and Proofreaders who can take your book project to the next level. Professional Typesetting: Typesetting is a critical aspect of the pre-press process, which ensures a clean, readable and professional looking book, without any widowed (abruptly ended sentences on a page) or orphaned (hanging lines at the start of pages) sentences. We also ensure the typography is chosen to suit the style and genre of the book. Good typesetting and typography enhances the readability of a book. Custom Cover Design: The cover is the first impression a potential reader gets of your book. It visually conveys what the book’s subject is, what its genre is, and whether reading its back blurb or first chapter is worth taking the time for. People do judge books by their covers, which is the reason traditional publishers invest so much to get the look just right. At BSC we take special care to ensure that each cover is a blend of your vision with the professional aesthetic sense of our artists. The result is a book cover that gets that special buzz generated for your book and leads to the essential next step in your relationship with the reader – having your words read and your books sold. Best in Class Printing: Good printing processes ensure that the covers are rendered excellently, the colours come out well, the binding is steady and of standard size, the spine sizes are uniform, and standardised paper quality is maintained even if the books are printed in different locales, globally. BSC’s quality assurance systems, printing partners, and internal team of print technologists ensure that these parameters are meticulously checked for every print run. We ensure that your books have a uniform and internationally appealing look and feel. Value Based Global Printing Partners: Most of our printing takes place in India and China to leverage the twin advantages of professional quality work and the most economical price points. For digital printing, we work with global printing partners, who act as your printing and warehousing hubs in every continent. We print your books at recommended print runs, which optimize costs. For fast moving books, we can take into account inventory forecasts according to sales movement and adjust the printing numbers. Global Warehousing and Order Fulfilment: We provide global warehousing and order fulfilment solutions, which we can tailor to your requirements. Every book project’s major markets are stocked well and space is optimally allocated to ensure that you get the most economically priced warehousing and order fulfilment solution. Book Buyer Centric Product Pricing: We work out smart print runs and provide you with the market information you need to price the book correctly, taking into account the targeted geographic market and the genre. We at BSC will ensure that your books fit into the most optimum price bands for the best sales results. Books in Multiple Forms, Available Globally: For self-publishing success, the easy availability of your books in the medium readers are comfortable with is essential. We ensure that each book is available in both electronic form (e-Book) and physical form (Paperback). We also offer formats like Audio books and multi language books. With BSC you get seamless e-Book distribution across all key e-Book selling platforms and reading devices. For paperbacks, we list the books on all major e-commerce sites in every continent and provide fulfillment services for purchases. Book Marketing Advisory: We provide a specialized marketing advisory, which ensures you do everything which is reader centric and grow your own brand. We also provide tools you can use for charting the growth in your development as an author. As a special offer, we can also arrange for an intensive marketing consultation with a senior marketing professional or a publicist. With BSC as your publishing partner, you can be assured of the best possible support for your self publishing project.