YOGA No Drama

Ignore the myths, Forget the drama, Simply YOGA

Author : K Shehrebanu

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : September 2020


YOGA No Drama


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This is not the first book on yoga and its immense benefits, you will find thousands of such books. however, here in this book, I have tried to show how easy it is to build your fitness regime into your working day. How to integrate yoga into your daily routine – without drama- without feeling guilty of using up your valuable time. This book has been written with a mission and that is – ANY one with ANY body type, at ANY age, with ANY level of fitness can (and should) do yoga – because it’s no more a drama – it’s no more boring – it’s no more a slow pace workout! We have taken care of all these by integrating yoga with pilates, cardio, and power yoga. Take out your mats and start where you are and enjoy the journey!

About the Author

Shehrebanu, mother of 3 daughters has been a Yoga guru for the past 18years. Her love for yoga started when she was pursuing her bachelor’s in Osmania University in 1979. Practicing yoga regularly helped her see through an unhappy marriage, getting back to fitness after her deliveries, and with bringing up her daughters single-handedly! She was thrust into the world of teaching yoga after she met with a serious road accident which led to cervical disc degeneration and major spine damage. It was the therapeutic and healing benefits of yoga and pranayama that miraculously got her back out of the extreme trauma and helped her body repair gently with love.










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