Wrong Number

Genre : ,

Author : Roshni Anand

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017


Wrong Number


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With a practically non-existent social life, extra study sessions at the best coaching institute in the city, a mind-numbingly boring job and a best friend whose sole purpose seems to be getting her a boyfriend, Alankrita Sundar is content with the hand she has been dealt. But when she receives a text from Ruhan Das, a boy whose very presence makes her skin crawl, she realizes that the bland oatmeal that is her life is in dire need of some spicing up. What begins as a message sent to the wrong person soon turns into a game of Guess Who, as Alankrita realizes that masking an identity opens a lot of previously bolted doors – including one that leads to the darkest secrets of the most popular boy in school.
The series of messages exchanged between Alankrita and Ruhan explores several aspects of both their lives and, through their shared experiences they realize that they aren’t as different as they had previously imagined.

About Author

Roshni Anand spends her days tending to the needs of her two Persian cats (refer to sentient balls of fluff) and turning her worries into baked goods. The ratio of caffeine to blood in her body is only slightly worrying.
Wrong Number, her first novel, is set in Bangalore. It explores teen relationships set in a digital world where the virtual and real collide – to the amusing, confusing and liberating effect

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