Will you be my life

Genre : ,

Author : Pratyasha Pattanaik

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017


Will you be my life


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Sarah is in love with a person from her past, but, she has never accepted this fact. In the beginning, she never understood that she can be in love. But, soon she realizes that she has been waiting for that person only. The person who she has been waiting for comes back into her life after four long years. She tries not to love him. She tries to be indifferent, but she can’t. She falls in love again and again just to realize that the person would never love her back. One fine day, the person goes away without leaving any contacts. She waits even if she knows that he will never come back. Will her love of life come back? Will he ever know that she had always loved him? Is there happily ever after in this story? Love is a spiritual path which leads to happiness. But, we tend not to accept it. There are reasons- sometimes the outside forces and sometimes our inside forces acting on us. We all must drive through all the confusions and ambiguities to understand that we cannot live without love. But love camouflages itself. We should have that instinct to recognize it. This book will take you away from the world for some time.

About Author

I come from Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha. The joint family where I was brought up in, helped me understand that the real values of life does not lie in money, but lies in human bonding which gives the greatest satisfaction. I studied electrical engineering in one of the top colleges in Odisha and completed my MBA from SPJIMR, Mumbai, one of the Žlite colleges in India.
This is my first venture as an author though some of my writing have been published in several state level magazines. I started writing at a very small age. My writings have been appreciated by many readers.
But, the boost for writing now has come when one of my poems was published in an International magazine ‘The Taj Mahal Review.’ Now, I am a working as a consultant in a top multinational company and am trying to consult people and companies on different aspect of business. But, my inner calling and passion is writing. I have loved writing and it remains my first love. It is the time when I go into trance imagining people, things and love.

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