Wild Fragrance

A Collection of Poems

Genre : ,

Author : Gopal Guttal

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Wild Fragrance


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Some say that every poet is a fool.
But their words prove that every fool is not a poet.
This is a collection of poems which speaks of persons, places, human bond and lingering fragrance of yearning songs.
A poem is not a collection of words or a catalogue of transient events. It is a manifestation of the inner rhythm which rings beyond the obvious.

About Author

After retiring as a Bombay High Court Justice and practicing as a consultant and arbitrator, Gopal Guttal took to writing poetry as a pastime which soon took a passionate turn. His first collection of poems Twilight Melodies was published in 2014 which was co-authored with his daughter Priya Guttal.

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