When Will My Tree Bloom?

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Author : Kottakal Sebastian Varghese/ Kasava

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2019


When Will My Tree Bloom?


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The novel When Will My Tree Bloom? is a home-spun story of a young Jason who nurtures the dream of becoming a writer. When young he lived an ordinary life like everybody else going through the travails of a young boy facing deprivation as a result of the poverty he had endured when his father succumbed to an illness. He had to care for his sick mother and brother which he did holding his head high and nurturing the dream of learning English which he got from his father who taught him the beauty of English. But he never cared for English when his father was alive, but on his death, he turned to it and considered English as his Bible. He did well-writing novels and short stories which began to be noticed by publishers. Finally, this novel saw light, and he looks forward to his other works getting noticed, and to live the life of a known writer. But when everything comes calling Fate has its last laugh by knocking him down by a severe stroke that left him bed-bound. But God comes with help and raises him again to get his work ready.

About Author

Kottakal Sebastian Varghese, a master degree holder in English language and literature, has been a teacher throughout his life. He has taught English language and creative writing in Bhutan, Maldives and India. A footballer in his heydays he has represented the Kerala University Team for a few years and captained the side in 1981.
Story-Teller par excellence from whose pen has fallen a few novels and around a hundred short stories which he wants to get into print. He now lives in an out-of-the-world old town called Elappara in Idukki District, Kerala, with his retired teacher wife and two children.

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