When the Cuckoo Called

Genre : ,

Author : Avilasha Sarmah

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017


When the Cuckoo Called


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Sunsets signify endings, a story has been wrapped and the characters lived, happily or otherwise that is the question. When the Cuckoo Called begins at this point like a story upside down, an inverted tale of passion, creativity, and love which teases these questions only to find answers at sunrise. A song is not complete without both music and lyrics. One winter, when a songwriter and a singer parted ways, a song was muted. Love was but an agony, perhaps there were greater things. But apart, happiness was a distant entity. When the cuckoo called, did spring really come at the behest of nature’s songbird? Tracing the shades of nature in seasons and days, draped in melody, a story unfolds across time and travels places to form a tale of two individuals, Lyla and Eeshaan, struggling with questions of authenticity, exploring their identities, and learning much about love. When everything seems to be happening at the wrong time in the wrong place, isn’t a story incomplete? The book is divided into four parts, not chronologically, drawing in the suspense.

About Author

Currently based in New Delhi, Avilasha Sarmah is an alumna of Miranda House and is pursuing her Masters in Political Science from the University of Delhi. She is originally from the land of the ‘red river and blue hills’, the aesthetically nature-crafted state of Assam, her home-town being the city of Tezpur situated along the Brahmaputra River and earmarked by tea plantations.
Harbouring a love for travel, the author is drawn to mountains, especially the Himalayas, and has plans to travel the world. She loves writing travelogues tinged in poetic fervour, about the places and people that she embarks upon on her journeys. She is currently working on her second novel which is a fiction that depicts the conflicts and resonance in the yin and yang like notions of the yearning to travel and the comfort of a nest, portrayed in the story of two individuals.
The 23-year-old author is a nature lover and is a supporter of environment and wildlife conservation causes and has been a volunteer with World Wildlife Fund, India. She enjoys aesthetics and creativity and likes nature photography. She is also a member of the Poetry Society India, (TPS) and has a blog: http://glittersenroute.blogspot.in/
She can be reached at:-
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/naturehues365/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/spideyas
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/avilasha.sarmah
LinkedIn: https://in.linkedin.com/in/avilasha-sarmah-910b3450

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