When Science met God

Author : Gita Krishna Raj

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : January 2019


When Science met God


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Published in the magazine infinithoughts as a series between 2007 & 2014, this book makes no claims on special knowledge or extraordinary skills. The author has merely identified apparently unconnected areas of knowledge and experience, wandered and explored each of them and allowed them to flow into each other’s domains to find new creative dialogues weaving patterns within abstractions. It is not a prescription of what it is or should be, but rather a description of a duet between her mind and her heart dancing in awe, unfettered by the conditioned limitations of human constructs. As Gita romances with scientific knowledge and spiritual experiences, the differences seem to disappear; new expression grounds unfold…

About Author

Gita began performing Bharatanatyam at the tender age of 9 in 1981, acting lead roles in Indian television serials since 1984, writing since 1986, editing and directing television programs since 1991, choreographing classical dance shows since 1995. She began publishing regularly in infinithoughts and other international magazines since 2002. Her book titled KAIVALYA – An inner call for liberation was released in 2015. Gita Krishnaraj is CEO of Maverick Fitness studios (www.maverickfitness.net) established in 2003 – a national brand with corporate gyms in all major cities of India for business houses like Cognizant and Tatas. A holistic lifestyle and fitness professional, Gita as program director of Maverick, has innovated a new curriculum on physical literacy for schools – Maverick Fit Kids (www.maverickfitkids. net) – that combines her diverse exposures to enhance cognitive development using motor skills, multiple intelligence and holistic wellbeing using principles of embodied learning. A powerful and inspiring orator, Gita presents a holistic approach to living life the infinitheism way…

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