When Love Connects…

Genre : ,

Author : Payal Suresh

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017


When Love Connects…


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The search for true love took them to the filthiest corners of their hearts. “They say it is difficult to understand women; on the contrary, it is impossible to understand men.” – Trishna Rawat (A single mother, a seeker, a lover) “How could I ever fall for her?” – Kabir Rawat (A successful business magnate, a charmer, a lover) “The one that travels from your eyes and settles in your heart is far more beautiful than whose glimpse is forgotten the moment eyes turn away.” – Vikram Mathur (A diehard romantic, a loner, a lover) “Truth is the best and the only way out of all your problems.” – Khushi Rawat (An adolescent, a dreamer, a believer, a lover) As the lives of these four individuals are intertwined by the quirk of destiny, they discover love in the most bizarre way. Ironic to her name, Khushi’s life has never been a bed of roses. She is busy devising the perfect plan to rekindle the lost romance between her divorced parents. But after a decade of a bitter separation and the pristine feeling of love entirely washed away by time, will Khushi be able to make it? Just as all the beans spill in favour of Khushi, she has to deal with a major plan spoiler – Vikram Mathur – her mother’s latest boyfriend. To nip mischief in the bud, Khushi begins to devise the perfect plan to throw Vikram out of their lives and this is the beginning of the catastrophe.

About Author

Payal Suresh has completed her B.Com honors from Mumbai University. While consecutively being a topper for all three years during her degree college, she continued trying to knit her debut novel during. After relentlessly working in a full-time job, within a span of 3 years she completed writing it, which now rests in your hand. Reading novels at leisure has always been her favourite pursuit. With Durjoy Datta, Novoneel Chakraborty, Preeti Shenoy, Nikita Singh, Sumrit Shahi, Ruchita Misra, and other author’s work adorning her bookshelf, she has a mini library of over 85 novels of varied genres. She currently lives in Mumbai and is working as a diligent finance executive with Asian Paints PPG Private Limited. To know more about her, follow her: On Instagram @ payal_suresh, On twitter @_Payal_M_Suresh, On Facebook (www.facebook.com/payal.m.suresh). You can also email her @ payal.m.suresh@gmail.com.

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