When Blob Meets The Ocean

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Author : Aayush Raj Borulkar

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : December 2019


When Blob Meets The Ocean


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In this book, I have tried to incorporate certain areas that one needs to concentrate on whenever embarking on the journey of success. These might come through as basic things that we all are aware of but we don’t really put in efforts to include them and carry them out in the best possible manner. Just as every blob (droplet) is equally important in creating an ocean, similarly these small but important techniques included in the right manner will yield the best possible results.

About Author

This page usually is like a curriculum vitae of the author. But I wish to provide some more information about myself than just my curriculum vitae. Growing, up I was a very shy and introvert person. I never had the skill of easily mingling with people which did have some negative consequences during my teenage. I had the typical traits of a nerd. My mother ensured that I excelled in studies which helped me get 83% in 10th standard and 76% in 12th standard. But this was only because my mother pushed me at every step of the way. I was never the one who had a clear goal and a plan to reach that goal. It was all scattered. But then it struck me that my parents are not going to be with me my whole life. That’s when I started to go out of my way(which seemed one ordeal task then) and started attending motivational seminars for starters and then I started meeting a few business mentors frequently. What this helped me understand is that how small my problems were. This not only educated me about the importance of goal setting but also how important paving the path towards the goal is. And that’s how my journey started from a pessimist to an optimist. Currently, I am a third year student at Vidyalankar School Of Information And Technology studying BMS. I am currently preparing for MBA entrance tests such as CAT, CET, and NMAT. I am keen on obtaining my MBA from a reputed college.

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