Wheat Stalk Swaying, not Severed

Genre : ,

Author : Fatima Yusuf

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : August 2020


Wheat Stalk Swaying, not Severed


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The processes of self-help for emerging out of Obsessive
Compulsive Disorder (OCD), dealing with relapse and sustaining recovery, may appear complex on the surface. This book, which has a series of illustrated quotes paired with real life cases based on the author’s experiences, highlights that recovery can be simple and facilitated by the self.

There is deep stigma associated with OCD, not only in society but also in the minds of those affected by the disorder about themselves. The author unravels seemingly complicated situations and presents easy to comprehend solutions, which are visualised via the illustrator’s creations that speak as aloud as the words around them. This book in no way attempts to replace medical treatment. It is only
a tool which can enhance the process of recovery.

Fatima Yusuf

Fatima Yusuf battled OCD since the age of 13. It took a decade and gettng to the brink of obsessive hand washing to realise that she can take charge of the situation. She found that her reactions to the surrounding environment is within her control. She observed how ‘normal’ people lived and copied their atttudes. She learnt to respect herself and ignore social stigma. Her talents resurfaced and manifested themselves in surprising ways. Her faith increased, as did her willpower. It was not an easy journey. Yes, there are problems, but deep down in her heart, she firmly believes that inner peace is every person’s birthright. About the Illustrator: Fernweh is a doodler and engages with pen and ink in her attempt at responding to the world.










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