Welcome To My Destiny

A tale of three women

Genre : ,

Author : Rozene S. Narayan

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Welcome To My Destiny


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Sofia Rossi is a mother of four who defies her Italian culture and marries an Australian man. She visits her sick father in South Italy where she bumps into the young, handsome Peter Buckley, an Irish traveller visiting the Amalfi Coast. Sofia will take you on her travels through friendship and betrayal but will she discover the difference between lust and love?

Emma Smith grows up with a controlling and violent mother. Emma’s life is immersed in sadness and that is all she has ever experienced. Hoping to become a strong person, and wanting to pursue a career in Criminology, Emma joins a Juvenile Justice Centre as a youth worker. Her dream remains to become a mother and raise her own children one day. Will Emma ever able to leave her violent and controlling mother and become a good mother herself?

Abha Pillai challenges cultural norms to create a life for herself and her daughter. Being a divorced mum is not highly valued in Indian culture. Will Abha ever be able to forgive herself for leaving her daughter behind to create a life for both of them?

Sofia Rossi, Emma Smith, and Abha Pillai all experience life in distinct ways. Set in South Italy, Sydney, London and Mumbai, you will be taken on a memorable journey of self- discovery and will become a part of the lives of these women.

An intense and lively debut novel from an exciting new voice, Rozene.S.Narayan.

About Author

Rozene is a Fiji-born Indian, raised in Sydney, Australia. She has spent most of her life having a career in the public and not-for-profit sector, her qualifications including a Masters in Management. Rozene enjoys writing, solo travelling, cooking and spending time with her friends and family. From time to time, she manages to fit in Bollywood dancing in her busy schedule as well. Rozene’s catalyst for writing her book after she turned 40 was her divorce and her disenchantment with life. Her characters are fictional; however, some have been inspired through her journey of life. Rozene is yet to regain her belief in love and magic, but she hopes one day she’ll get there. She lives in Sydney, Australia with her daughter. Welcome to My Destiny is her debut novel. You can follow Rozene on www.rozenesnarayan.com

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