Water my soul

Reflections in poetry

Genre : ,

Author : Arwa Qutbuddin

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Water my soul


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“There is a journey of the soul into light and darkness,
into the heavens and the earth. The poet captures the elusiveness of existence beautifully in topsy-turvy.
Basically, that is life.”
– Sakina Qutbuddin (Poet and Educationist)

“Women litterateurs have often compared the angst of creation of poetry to pangs of childbirth. However, what comes at the end is worth all the trouble. To have an idea, please read the following works and wonder at the inspiration of the Muse. Look at the cycle of hurt and healing, the triumph of the indomitable human spirit and the rising of the phoenix from its own ashes.”
– Aziz Ahmedi (Former Honourable Chief Justice of India)

“A resilient warrior who fights her day to day battles with courage and copes by writing beautiful poetry, transforming her experiences into a glorious victory.”
– Zarina Screwvala (Founder Trustee Swades Foundation, Ex-Chief Creative Officer and Founder – UTV Software Communication)

“Spare and revelatory as Zen haiku, they remind us too of the longing of the Portuguese fado, the bhakti devotion of the Tamil saints, and the pain-in-love of the Persian ghazal.”
– Christopher Queen (PhD, Lecturer on World Religions and Buddhism, Harvard Division of Continuing Education)

About Author

She is 40 years old and has been passionate about writing poetry since she was a teenager. Her poems have deep meaning and revolve around life experiences and the spiritual journey within. She is a nature and horse lover. Likes simplicity in everything and is a very loving and compassionate human being.

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