Unmasked Semblances

17 Authors. 17 Anecdotes. 17 Reasons.

Genre :

Author : Sarah Ebrahim

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : October 2020


Unmasked Semblances


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“Buckle in for a journey of a lifetime with 17 emerging authors – experience love, heartbreak, revenge, drama, regret, terror, monsters, and humans. Here you’ll find anecdotes of a son’s death and a girl’s first heartbreak, stories that range from the minutely personal to the transcendently universal.”

About the Author

“Ink stained pages are just mere reflections of my thoughts, my emotions and my expressions and nothing more – ‘A Window To My Soul’ in this reality.” ~ Sarah Ebrahim. A Reader who has lived more than a thousand lives and A Writer who has given birth to more than a thousand lives, both of them ‘A Food to Her Soul’. As for her mysterious brooding personality, no one has been able to pin down her real self. Public Speaking has always been her trump card for a very long time, thanks to her deep, well-modulated voice, who has made her who she is today – bold and fearless. A Striving Muslimah is how she identifies herself in this world, always working to become the perfect Muslim and strengthening her spiritual self, every day. All in all, she is ‘Many Horcruxes in One Soul’ who looks at every passing day with a brewing upbeat spirit and doesn’t stop at just anything.”



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