Underbelly of Life

Collection of Short Story Collections

Genre : ,

Author : Suneet Paul

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Underbelly of Life


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Heart-warming, heart touching, earthy, raw and stark reality…all by one writer…. Panning across all genres, each story is a revelation…. if one takes you in a journey inwards the other looks outward to a myopic world. The stories help you traverse from the urbane life to the slums to the middle class roll on. The mesh of relationships, conjugal, sibling, extra-marital-so delicately sketched and eloquently worded. All with one underlying messageafter all we are all mortals. No judgement, just an interlude which encompasses all the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful ……. And leaves it to the reader to release and realise. –Ranjana Joshi Literati, poetess and actress. Author of Visual Poetry book – Walking Shadows.

About Author

Born in Nairobi, Kenya- Suneet Paul in his earlier years was exposed to diverse cultures within India, thanks to the gypsy urges of his parents. He comes from a family involved with literature. An architect by training, he is a creative writer and editor of a magazine. Suneet has authored a couple of books in short fiction and has been published in various magazines of the country and online literary portals. Painting is a hobby for him.

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