Two Krishnas and One Chariot

The Story Of Arjuna

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Author : J.B.Patro

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 18-10-2019


Two Krishnas and One Chariot


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Arjuna was the principal character in the epic Mahabharat of India.It was said that this epic poem was written on the banks of River Ganges (Ganga) by Maharishi Vyasa, the scion of Vedic scholars in ancient India encompassing every aspect for leading a virtuous living by kings and their subjects.Arjuna was handsome, well versed in all Sastras.Master of vedic sciences, foremost archer warrior of the times who never faced defeat from his powerful rivals.He was therefore known as Vijaya, Phalguna,Dhananjaya,Partha,Savyasachi etc etc (success,triumphant).He was the favourite cousin of Lord Krishna who called Arjuna as his ‘alter ego’ and revealed him the “Bhagavadgita”,the treatise and quintessence of human values for a righteous living for all mankind.And therefore, the Gita was assigned as the ‘Light of Asia’ by the English thauthor and poet of early 20 century Sir Edwin Arnold who translated the poem into English language and thus rendering it into a universal document on human virtues.In short there is no Mahabharat sans Arjuna and his friend ,philosopher and guide Lord Krishna, who joins only in the middle of the epic history of India that is Bharat.

About Author

Brahmananda Patro (J B Patro) retired as a Deputy Chief Executive from the Nuclear Fuels Complex, Hyderabad (earlier in Bhabha Atomic Research Centre), specialized in the production of Nuclear Fuels for Power Reactors. He is a member of the early pioneering team in the production of natural uranium, right from milling ore to finished fuel for nuclear power reactors operating in India. During his long service he had the chance to interact and participate in a number of scientific seminars in India and abroad. Drawn to the teachings of Lord Krishna right from a very early age, Mr. Patro viewed Bhagavad-Gita as a treatise on the Physics of energy-The Laws of Thermodynamics-the very cosmic laws that govern of our Universe and conduct our lives as the rita of the Vedas. He has compiled, edited and since published Sree MahaBhagavatam in English translated from original Sanskrit by late Swami Ramakrishna Brahmananda.
Enchanted by Lord Krishna’s personality and researching into the classical and contemporary literature on Krishna, his book The Life and Times of Krishna- the Deity Who Lived as Man was published by Wisdom Tree in September 2013.While researching on Krishna Mr. Patro was fascinated by the character of Arjuna, the bosom friend of Krishna. Krishna says on a number of occasions in the Epic Mahabharata that Arjuna is his other self, alter ego. And also, the Puranic literature attributes the duo to the legend of ancient rishis Nara Narayan. Arjuna being an avatar of Nara-The primeval Man or eternal spirit pervading the Universe, always associated with Narayana the Supreme Spirit Vishnu/Krishna. Both are considered as Gods or Sages and accordingly called ‘Deva, Rishi, and Tapasao’. This has been the theme of the book on Pandava hero Arjuna entitled as ‘Two Krishnas and One Chariot-The story of Arjuna. It took about two years to research on the subject from Epic Mahabharata and other related literature. Arjuna was a versatile human, intellectual with an enquiring mind, and a peerless warrior, and Lord Krishna rightly selected him to impart his Science of Yoga which has been handed down to us as Bhagavad Gita.

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