True Love is Hard to Find

A Real Story

Genre : ,

Author : Dinesh Kr. Acharya

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


True Love is Hard to Find


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Love is a universal thing. Love touches everyone in one way or in many ways. In different days, in different times love comes to our life which we also accept knowingly or unknowingly. Love is not a thing which can be denied so easily. True Love is hard to find is based on that one type of real-life story of two persons ‘D’ & ‘P’. ‘D’ is the boy who falls in love with a very beautiful girl ‘P’. But when he comes to know this, it is too late and her marriage has been fixed with someone else. Though D proposed P and told his feelings to her. But what will happen next when that girl with whom he falls in love truly, rejects his love? Will D be successful to convince his love in the next seven months?

This real story is based on that couple who may not be in a relationship in those months but it was also more than a single-sided love story. We all believe that true love wins always. But is it really applicable in all cases? If it is ‘no’ then what will happen to the boy and if it is ‘yes’ then what will be the turning points in his life? The story is that extraordinary love story which is not a relationship and also more than not a relationship.

About Author

Dinesh Kr. Acharya is from the Tezpur city of Assam. The city of culture, the city of art and artists, the city of passions, the city of cleanness, the city of historical places and so on. He is an MBA and a young man of 27. As the city itself has some stories of passionate people, Dinesh Kr. Acharya is also passionate from his earlier age about his writings. He used to write poems as he likes to express his inner feelings through poems and till now he has more than 550 poems in his diaries in four different languages.
In 2016 his first poetry book was published, named Love Happiness and All… (81 Poems). After the success of this book, he was inspired by various people to write more and they also suggested him to write novels. The inspirations also come from the readers of his blogs where he sometimes posts more poems and writes something of his feelings.
This all, at last, inspired him to write his own novel which he picked up from a real story of a loving couple. He has succeeded to put all the things in this book, True Love is Hard to Find. This a little about him.

You can follow him on his official blog:

Facebook page: /dineshkracharya

Twitter: /dineshkracharya

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