Triune Goddess Shakthi

Genre : ,

Author : Mario PereraLaetitia Buczaczer

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017


Triune Goddess Shakthi


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This book incorporates a vast process of thought which includes philosophy, theology, biblical knowledge, insights from world religions, as well as ancient and recent history, in its narrative. The Jesus of this book is not the historical person the Catholic and the Christian Churches propose to believers, but one who grapples with his identity and mission from within his subconscious mind. This subconscious mind of Jesus, the book proposes, is one that derives its vitality from different sources: Jewish, Egyptian, Greek, and Indian.

However, the predominant quintessential element that permeates the subconscious mind of Jesus and gives meaning to his existence and mission, is the sacred feminine. This work therefore unambiguously asserts that women are primordial beings of the manifest world, the primeval life-giving force that pervades both womb and tomb. The divine feminine thereby emerges as the indispensable key in determining the real identity, mission, and destiny of the man Jesus of Nazareth.

About Author

Mario Perera is a foremost Western European languages specialist of his country, Sri Lanka. He speaks six of them and translates from four more. He is proficient in Latin and Greek. His university career spans sixteen years spent in universities of Rome, France (Lille) and Sri Lanka. His fields of study were: philosophy, theology, law, applied foreign languages, interpretation, and translation. He has already written more than fifteen books. Several of his books were written in collaboration with Laetitia Buczaczer, a graduate in law and psychology, now an executive of a leading firm in Lyon. Mario’s professional life was spent in embassies here in Sri Lanka (French Embassy) and abroad (Embassy of Sri Lanka, Paris). He also worked for UNESCO, Paris as a translator. His services as an interpreter and translator were availed of by the French government and the government of Sri Lanka as well as by foreign delegations. Mario Perera is very widely travelled having been several times to the USA, Canada, major countries in Europe, and to most of the countries in South and South-East Asia. A note to readers and well-wishers. Please send in your comments to

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