Three Jobless Freaks

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Author : Bijendra Kumar

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017


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Once upon a time, there were three boys. All were freaks. Okay, maybe jobless freaks. They began their job hunt and did everything that they could do for survival. Later one day, one of them was offered a job by a renowned company. And, that night, he disappeared. One of the other two made a phone call to the chief justice of Patna High Court. He had complained about his missing friend. The reason why he had called him was that the boy had only left his contact details.

Why did he give up his career on the night of his triumph? Why did he keep a secret about himself even with his friends? And, why was the chief justice informed? You will know the answer to these questions when you discover the reasons behind the breathtaking incidents that played havoc with the lives of Three Jobless Freaks.

About Author

Bijendra has been working with different IT companies as a software engineer & solution designer, since the last eleven years, after earning a Bachelors of Engineering degree from a renowned institute. Currently, he is a lead consultant with ThoughtWorks Technology India (Pvt.) Limited.

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