Then there were three

Three strangers, three stories and cold Diwali nights

Genre : ,

Author : Pulkit Garg

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Then there were three


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“What is our life, if it is not stories of us and our friends?

Primary protagonist, Nitin was enjoying his Diwali holidays in the mall when he hears a gunshot. In the frenzy, he meets Smiley, a friendly foreigner who had come to India in search of her lost father. The two were ready to part ways when destiny shoves them into the river Yamuna. Their journey then intersects with Vaishali, who herself seems to be escaping someone. The three help each other as the trio escape to nearby slums. An old acquaintance of Vaishali provides them with shelter and a story about her dead mother and father.
On the other hand, Gitesh, Nitin’s friend and his IPS chachu, Risesh set on their voyage to track Nitin, in turn, finding and possibly neutralizing the biggest black-market racket in India along with big corrupt politicians and police officials.
Will they make it?
Will they be able to find Nitin?
Will Smiley be able to find her father?
Will Vaishali avenge her parent’s death?

Diwali is only two days away and Nitin’s mother is expecting her son back home.

About Author

I am not really good at these things, yes these things – the introductions! But anyway, I’ll try. You definitely know my name by now; it’s on the cover. Other than that, let’s see, I’m the not so prodigal son, an engineer and an MBA grad, so not much different than half of the Indian population.
Probably like most of you, I don’t remember a thing of what I learned in four years of engineer school and MBA, I think is more of common sense only. Luckily, I remember or apply some of it, since it helps pay the bills and incidentally there is a lot when you are a self-published author.
The last when I calculated, this book had been a work in progress for ten long years. I started, stopped, started again, failed, started one last time, thought of giving up the whole idea but then finally persisted and end up finishing it. Trust me, it’s not easy to write a book. A writer knits a story a hundred times denser than what he ends up publishing. So many times, the story just goes haywire, bringing it on track takes its own sweet time. But it’s a beautiful journey nonetheless, to end up dying, thinking that there is something of you out there which still lives.

If you ever need to contact me, especially to help in your own writing adventures, drop me a mail at I promise I’ll reply. There is another funny story. I remember reading a now popular book and then dropping a mail to now popular author asking for help to publish my own book to which he never replied. I pledge I’ll remain grounded enough to reply to everyone’s mail. Trust me, ten years staying on the other side of the line makes you humble!
All the best. Goodbye and cheers to life.

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