The Wayward Mile

Author : Amith K A

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : May-19


The Wayward Mile


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Everything had ended at the first line.

He’d been his own demise; his thoughts the overture. He penned down his life; bled to paper the way he knows best – a story of betrayal.

“Murder she wore that day; and murder he wrote”

A pause at the title and a deep sigh – until the words spoke to him that day.

Death was a hearse they drove; love – the unhealthy infatuation. She’d been all it was to him, until she’d posioned him with hate. And there he sat and sat, staring at a world he’d mourned and left behind – the title that said it all.

Everything did end at that first line. The beginning and the end – Wayward Mile.

About Author

He who woke up one day and saw through words a world; a world where people could dream again.

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