The Vulture Catchers

Genre : ,

Author : Harsha J

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2019


The Vulture Catchers


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‘The Vulture Catchers’ is a collection of short stories for children. The stories revolve around four children with unusual names, deep friendship and their ability to find adventure in routine. They are very curious and sometimes play with danger.

In ‘The Vulture Catchers-1’ the adventure seekers try to capture vultures, and end up overcoming fear.

‘The Mystery of Shambu Palegar’ is about how the young kids go about solving a 300-year-old mystery of a hidden treasure.

In ‘Tiger Country’ the kids are attacked by wild elephants and they escape from the jaws of death.

In ‘Mystery of Sinking Temple’ kids get stuck in quick sand and are about to be sucked in. They are rescued at the last minute but a series of events happen which is about to break the friendship.

In ‘Trapping the Wolfman’, a giant powerful Wolfman enters the lives of shepherds and spreads havoc. The daring and adventurous kids go to jungle to investigate and trap the Wolfman.

Every day they walk to school through a small forest called ‘Fallen Leaves’. Its lonely and dangerous, and they love it. Their curiosity, enthusiasm, and luck is unknowingly turning them into leaders and problem solvers.

About Author

Harsha J is a travel buff and loves telling stories to children. He is a Harvard Business School alumni with 20 years experience in the corporate world and has worked with blue chip companies. He had the opportunity to work across metros, towns, villages while interacting and connecting with people. This gave him a front seat in understanding people and their stories at a deeper level.

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