The Veil of Shadows


Genre : ,

Author : Reynold Wolfe

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


The Veil of Shadows


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A world-class conman Mathew, pulled out the most difficult bluff of his life which was supposed to change his life forever; except for not the way he thought, who was completely unaware of what his fate awaited him, in his moment of triumph. Never believed in more than science, Mathew was about o find himself in an unknown world of supernatural with which his struggle had just begun. From the 17th century blood ridden massacred walls to the shootout at the French museum and the life-threatening chase in the deep forests of Germany, the plot will always keep the reader guessing and the eventual nerve cracking ending will leave them longing for the next installment of the novel.

About Author

A Masters in Computer Information Technology, Reynold Wolfe, is a computer engineer by profession, currently residing in Canada. Unparalleled imagination and sincere dedication have kept him inspired to bring out the best of his writings. Cronos is the first book of the series, Veil of Shadows and is his first novel which has embarked his career in the world of writing.

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