The Unknown!

Is eternity a myth?

Author : Ravi Ranjan

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 20-09-2019


The Unknown!


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When Myra, a teenage prodigy walks the deserted street at this new place, she feels that a dark whirlwind is following her. Though she often questions her ability to distinguish between reality and her dreams, though at times, she feels she has been reliving the same moments, the whirlwind feels real. And she has a recurring dream of falling into a dark bottomless pit, but what intrigues her is the smile on her face.
Amidst her confusion and incessant fear, she meets this guy named Albert who claims to have always known her. Unsure yet compelled by his charm, she feels he may be the man of her dreams, in no time. But does she know the man enough?
What’s the truth of the dark whirl? Why does Myra feel the connection with Albert? Who is Albert? How does he know so much about her? What secret lies behind her recurring dreams? Why does she feel that she has been reliving the same moments over and over again?
A riveting tale of mystery, love and seduction, this thriller would stay with you even after you have finished the read. Are you ready to discover the unknown?

Ravi Ranjan

An engineer from BIT Mesra, Ravi is a core banking consultant by profession. He lives in Bangalore, India with his wife. He loves movies and is immensely inspired by Christopher Nolan’s way of story-telling.
Prior to this book he has published a book inspired by real events called
‘My experience with 498A’
You can connect with him on twitter @ravi_ranjan_197 and /or reach him on facebook @ravi.ranjan.197

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