The Unknown Lands of Magneta Book 1 Planet of Troy The Journey of Amiel Sander

Author : DG Bonnie

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : February 2019


The Unknown Lands of Magneta Book 1 Planet of Troy The Journey of Amiel Sander


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Amiel Sander, a sixteen-year-old boy of Planet Troy, is in search of a mysterious Truth about his Army Prodigy Father who is missing. One day at the library, he finds some clues and an unfinished work of his Father. As he strives to resolve the unknown about his Father to restore their lost family pride, he wants to complete his unfinished work too, but his dream and destination seem far-off from the reach of a commoner like him.
Far somewhere, General Henry and Scientist George Watkins of Planet Cursia dream to build an equal society across the Planets of Star Magneta, but that seems impossible without Extra-Terrestrial Clashes. They devoted their lives in research to bring all the Planets under one umbrella and decide to land on Troy.
How Amiel would decide what to do first – resolve the mystery about his Father and win back their lost pride, settle his personal conflicts between friendship and love, do justice with Ethel and Arlyn, or save the Planet? Would he find a way or be torn apart and lost in the Terrestrial Chaos? Endora has lost her Husband years back and now seeing her only son Amiel set out for another dangerous Mission. Monk Narad travels from one Universe to the other to seek an answer to his dilemma. Would he be able to find his answer, would Lord Vishnu be able to help him or would his question keep on running in the timeless space and be lost forever?

About Author

DG Bonnie is a dreamer writer who loves to write when it strikes. She has been passionate about varied subjects and believes that writing is the best option to amalgamate all the flows of thought into a single form to create effortless pleasure. Amidst all the favourites, she could not set aside her fascination for life outside the Solar System and this novel, Series is a harvest of the same passion and fruit of a belief that every happening is the result of the minutiae of people’s mind; and somewhere we are searching out in the space for another existence who are very similar to us, and yet different. Thus she sees a novel as a reflection of a life which is unfair to be tagged to a single genre; a novel or story close to our life also reflects the same truth and always somewhere is a mixture of genres with love, tragedy, friendship, adventure, nature, science and communicating through literature, and flows with a fragrance of spirituality, yet goes through phases of conflict between right and wrong determining our actions and deciding our fates. This sequel slowly develops with knowing her people first, then moving along with their stories and lives; eventually gets deeper in its own genre as the next sequels line up. She is an IT professional based in Melbourne, Australia after staying in India and USA. The travelling and the cross-cultural association have been an impetus for her writing though she believes that closed walls can never close a creative and conscious mind. All the beautiful, kind-hearted and friendly people across many countries she has met in these years made her believe once again that somehow, somewhere every human being is connected by a common bond, a common tune that is making the human life worth living and loving. Each and everything in this beautifully conscious race have fascinated her thoughts while writing this Novel series and every time while writing about another unworldly World, she wanted to find these beautiful minds, with varieties, with intricacies, surviving in challenges, fighting yet going strong in odds, striving with outside complexities in order to attain the simplest of a peaceful life – could not be a better interest factor to derive and drive a piece of writing. She conveys her deepest regards and thankfulness to each of them, and her faith in the existence of another beautifully similar yet distinct realm, existing in this universe or in another universe – where the ultimate consciousness and traits of survival are the have-to-haves for consideration.

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