The Ultimate Desires

Collection of short stories

Author : Prabhjot K Saini

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : April 2019


The Ultimate Desires


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A collection of short stories that depict some of the basic undervalued desires of human beings. Desire to be loved, accepted, acknowledged and understood.
The way a mother teaches her daughter to save herself from sexual abuse reminds her of the unfortunate incidents that she had to deal with. Will she succeed in bringing up an outspoken girl who doesn’t take the guilt on herself. Even animals’ desire to be accepted. What happens to a beautiful dog who is abandoned by his own family for reasons that are unknown to him.
Can this dog take the blow?
After being cheated by her husband, Amrita decides to take on life with revenge and anger. Where does she end up? Isn’t hatred a poison for herself?
Our society is very confused about what really is beautiful. This confusion tends to play hard at growing teenagers. Shanaya and Nancy are two such girls struggling to fit into the society’s confusing definition of beauty. Isn’t it a reality of today?
Suparna has been desperately waiting for her son to choose a wife for himself. Eventually, when he does choose somebody, she turns out to be ‘different’. Can Suparna accept this ‘different’ girl?
True love calls her again, after being rejected by her husband. Natasha isn’t ready for a relationship again. She cannot love another man the way she loved her ex-husband. But now she hates him. Can she overcome this struggle and open her heart and her arms to this new love that is knocking at her doorstep?
Shipra a would-be mom is already busy weaving dreams for her little one. But is she really comfortable bringing up a child in this violent world?
Two teenagers indulge in an intimate relationship without understanding the consequences. They have no adults guiding them in this area, nor do they have any reliable person to talk to about this. They depend on their friends and the media. How do they deal with this big step in their lives?

About Author

Prabhjot K Saini is an Engineer by Profession working in the Healthcare Industry in Bangalore, India. She has been working since 2006 in Software Engineering for healthcare products.
Writing is one of her strong passions and she has over 250 blogs and fictional stories published online on,, and Most of the content for her blogs comes from her own experiences of daily life that she sees around herself. Her articles have been published in webzines and magazines including Candles, Femina and Mind Creative.
One of her short stories has also been published in a short story collection named, “Your’s Lovingly”. She was also involved in freelance writing where she used to write promotional articles on fabric fashion, jewellery fashion and travel. She believes in the power of oneself and re-alignment of one’s thoughts with the Universe. She is highly spiritual and believes in her own God. She has invested a lot of time in understanding herself for she believes that only by getting the inner peace can one really succeed in life. She is also a strong feminist and writes extensively against the objectification of women’s bodies and assumed incapability of women in intellectual and sports arena.

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