The Third Eye Angel Killing Demon

Author : Siddhi Sethu

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : January 2020


The Third Eye Angel Killing Demon


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This book consists of scientific invention related to hypnotism. There is a girl who has gotten third eye and this is the fictional book in which the third eyed girl with her members fought with a criminal to take revenge. This is the book about a mother daughter relationship and about the life history of her and her mother.

About Author

The author named Siddhi Sethu is a sweet college going girl studying in Vivekananda college of Arts, Science and Commerce. She has made serious and sincere efforts in completing the book ‘The Third Eye Angel killing Demon under the circumstances beyond explanation. She has been suffering from Schizophrenia psychosis since 2014 and with this mental disease, she was able to secure 74% marks in HSC. Now she has recovered almost from this disease after miraculous struggle with this disease. Author is from a middle-class family and she is a very simple and descent person. Back then she was very untalented person and she was good at nothing but because of her sincere hard work Throughout her life, she became talented and in tenth standard, she secured 85% marks aggregate. When she was in school, she was very silent and shy girl. But because of her hard work, she has reached upto a level a that even in this condition, she was able to make a book and also, she became a skilled person. She has gone to many classes like singing class, calligraphy class, dance class, athletic class, etc. She has also completed Bharat Natyam course. She likes to sing, dance and writing books, etc. Her ambition is to become a successful writer and toeing the direction of her father who is also an author of 4 books. She wants to achieve the dream of her father who wants to become a successful and well-known writer. She considers herself as a world citizen. She wants to show everyone that she is something and want to get acknowledged by everyone. She wants to make her parents proud and for this, she always practice songs, dance and writing. She not only practice but enjoys doing it. She wants to show the entire world that she is something and wants to make her parents proud. She prays almighty God to bless her with healthy mind and body to do constructive work in life and proves herself to be an asset in life.

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