The Station Master

Genre : ,

Author : Indranil Mukherjee

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


The Station Master


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What would you do? When confronted with the impossible? The ghostly? The bizarre? The dangerous? Challenges demanding answers? With or without adequate resources? Against the clock? Meet Manab Banerjee, the Station Master. A regular guy, like you, or that guy there wearing that rather nondescript shirt. Except, as the quintessential Indian Railways man, he dealt with them routinely… Strange wails in the still of a misty night… a bloody beheading on the platform… a mysterious lady with an aura of danger… gold biscuits… a brutal murder… a catastrophic accident in the station… and a storm that led to a death and its consequences… all these and more. Manab meets them head-on in this collection of ten stories based on real life, resolute but accommodating, quick yet patient… and always with his heart in the right place.

About Author

Indranil Mukherjee is an aspiring author of fiction but a longtime amateur writer, who has taken a break from his software career to give expression to his main passion: Writing. And if provided with timely sustenance to keep body and soul together, he loves to read. Besides these, he digs driving, travelling to all corners of the world, sampling all variety of food, meeting people, learning new stuff, listening to music, and about a couple of hundred other things. Curious about life, and armed with 25 years’ worth of experience observing people from all over the world while working with them, he fancies he has stories to tell. Rather nifty ones. Besides completing this collection of short stories based on an Indian Railways officer’s real-life experiences–he already has a novelette eBook selling on Amazon titled “Re-Kill: when an assassin’s professional pride is hurt…”–he has several works underway that comprise sci-fi, fantasy-humour-adventure, thriller, and has a maelstrom of other plots whirling in his head that occasionally meld nicely to create interesting dreams. And yes, a spot of scripting too.

Indranil is married to Sanghamitra, and they live in Delhi, while their son, Ayoush, has just started his career in the US. He can be found at where his blog lives, awaiting updates on life, the universe, and everything

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