The Secret Jewels of FMCG Retail distribution & Channel sales

Author : Munaf Khatib

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : August 2020


The Secret Jewels of FMCG Retail distribution & Channel sales


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The minor points which usually people neglect can become a
major threat in sales and distribution to cover up all the minutes
of channel distribution this book can stand as a helping hand to
understand the system of sales and distribution for further
growth and progress.

When it comes to channel distribution there is always a thought
that how come multinational distribution companies manage to
be on top or how or what formula they retain the top market
position. To Cover up such question the book can be helpful to
understand the sales and distribution system which they follow

Covering all the major aspects of distribution in house and out
house such as modern trade, wholesaler, reseller, customer
service and habits of staff which can be covered and corrected to
attain and maintain success throughout.

Munaf Khatib

I was always passionate to understand and know how the leading companies of the world operate by providing the product from one end of the world to every end, of FMCG and other related products. And how few companies remain on top even though there are thousands of competitors all around the market.
This means there is a system behind it and unless and until we do not learn it we cannot understand it.
But there is no book in the market which easily explains the minutes of the system and process of the successor. On the other hand, different companies have a different system, strategy, and planning of doing sale even though the basic concept remains the same in retail distribution and channel sales.
Then again if we try to understand the companies operating in the field of distribution few are successful and rest are failures, therefore a thought came to my mind that unless and until you are not a part of their system you cannot understand it clearly, this inspired me to enter into the system of Top, Medium and Failure companies of retail distribution where I understood by practically working and learning the minutes of success and failure.
The research continued for years to grab the solution and reason behind success and failure by clubbing it from different levels and putting in a single place in the form of a ready book on retail sales and channel distribution.




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