The Saga Of Shom And Raima

Genre :

Author : Tapan Ghosh

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : March 2020


The Saga Of Shom And Raima


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“Bombay boy Shom leads a double existence. Suman Bhatia in real life, marital pressures and work responsibilities have pushed him to seek another life as Shom. In this avatar he meets Raima Sengupta in a Facebook chat. When they meet, he discovers that she is much younger, but like him, craving intellectual stimulation and freedom from restrictive social norms.

Raima is a victim of a difficult childhood. After losing her father at the age of three, she assumes charge of her ailing mother. Brought up by her maternal aunt, as a teenager she fends off a sexual assault from her lecherous uncle. Now in her 20s, she withstands family pressure to marry since she feels committed to Shom, a married man himself.

Both agree that despite the compatibility between them, they must remain faceless to
balance their relationship with social and professional responsibilities. This seems to be the only way out.”

Tapan Ghosh

“Much like the protagonist of his novel, Tapan Ghosh lives a double life. A Bombay-based engineer, entrepreneur and patent holder in his professional capacity, he seeks salvation in writing, and making short films. The Bengali name is his tribute to Calcutta; the city of his growing-up years.

After Faceless – The Only Way Out and An Anglo-Indian in Love, The Saga of Shom & Raima is his third novel. Flirting with life – as he describes his approach to existence -fuels his creative output.”

Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in


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