The Rise Of Venom

Genre : ,

Author : Rahul Chandra

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2019


The Rise Of Venom


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Ancient Naagmanav clans namely Vasukis, Sheshnaags and Takshaks live secretly in the present times. A series of unprecedented events leave them no choice but to come forward to take control. The life-sustaining elixir of the universe, Amrit, is threatened as the Takshaks, lead by the powerful Kaalsarp, are in search of Kaalkoot, the most lethal venom that ever existed. The Amrit originated from the Samudramanthan, the great cosmic churn that gave rise to this universe, alongside Kaalkoot, its anti-matter. Shiva from the Godverse, one of the creators of this universe, held most of the Kaalkoot inside him to protect the life in the universe from annihilation even before its creation. A portion of Kaalkoot that remained, is hidden somewhere protected by the Vasukis as it can never be destroyed. The Takshaks hold a chronic vengeance against humans since the times of Mahabharata. The Takshak king then had assassinated King Parikshit and in retaliation, the united human kingdoms had massacred Naagmanavs and the few who survived started living in oblivion and slowly over time, Naagmanavs became a myth.
But, not anymore as Kaalsarp tries to take control of the world with plans of creating weapons of mass destruction from Kaalkoot to take control of the world. Some humans and Naagmanavs join forces for the Herculean task to stop Kaalsarp. Thereafter starts a thrilling adventure that tests their strength and wits to the limits to defeat the common enemy in order to save the world. Secrets revealed during their quest can change the way mankind has perceived the world forever.

About Author

Rahul is an engineer by profession and this is his first attempt at writing a book. He loved stories since even before he learnt how to read and then write some of his own. He has been reading and telling stories since then. As a kid, he was a huge fan of comic books and he still is quite passionate about them. He always wanted to write a book that can blend the thrill, action and pace of a comic book with the storytelling and depth of a novel. A book that is for everyone to read and that’s what he created; ‘The Rise Of Venom’. He believes that every person in the world has at least one great story to tell and therefore every single person in the world can at least write one great book.

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