The Resignation Letter

Author : Baljeet Randhawa

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


The Resignation Letter


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Can Mechanical Engineering and Fashion Designing be on the same page?
Naïve and idealistic, Patrick joins the promising Rajan Industries for hefty paychecks, lucrative perks, and aspiring positions. Like for any other fresher from a prestigious engineering college, his training period isn’t anything less than a ‘honeymoon period’. But actual married life starts only when the honeymoon ends.
What awaits next for Patrick counted in the least popular department, a boss with his brain on sabbatical, a jealous senior expert in ‘Et tu’ moments and inescapable office politics. The threshold of tolerating ugly experiences reaches in only nine months – standard pregnancy period – and what is born after that is Patrick version 2.0: the one who chooses to leave all at once but not in an ideal way this time. What made it happen? A wearisome job, a provoking boss, his paralyzed creativity or just love?
The Resignation Letter is a coming of age story of a young engineer toppling from a greased and stained job in an outback town and falling over the lavish hanging robes on Delhi’s Fashion-street.

About Author

After completing his B.Tech. degree from NIT Bhopal and working in a steel plant for two years, Baljeet finally moved to Mumbai to be a writer. He started off as a copywriter, and in the same year founded his theatre group called Dream Stage. One of the most well-received shows of Dream Stage, Taboo Talks, was conceived and created by him. And since theatre can’t pay bills, at least in Mumbai, TV became his savior. Baljeet is writing screenplays for daily soaps these days, along with working on his films and web shows. And when he is not writing, he would be seen browsing for his travel plans. He loves solo-travels, silences, and sangrias.
For more updates, you can follow him on Facebook and Instagram or contact him at

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