The Real Taste of Darkness

(and other stories)

Author : Nikhil Kshirsagar

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : June 2021


The Real Taste of Darkness


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This anthology of short stories was seeded from the one that gets place of pride as the title story. The lockdown that followed as a result of a hitherto unknown virus (Covid-19 of course!) created a fertile ground for more stories to spawn, and before long a collection waiting to fall into the hands of a willing reader was born.

The stories have a languid pace that allows plenty of room for subtlety, but they don’t fall into a specific genre or theme. Some have an essential thread of humour running through them, while others pack in a pleasant element of surprise. And some may leave a hint of an uneasy aftertaste. These, the writer recommends, are best relished like an exotic aperitif! Bon Appetit!

About the Author

Nikhil Kshirsagar is in his early forties and lives with his wife in Pune, India. He has a Master’s degree in Computer Science and works for a major software organization. He writes short stories as a passion.



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