The Promises of Love

Love Parts to Meet

Genre : ,

Author : Roozan Aggarwal

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017


The Promises of Love


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Do you believe in the power of everlasting love?

Siddhant Shergill, a business tycoon and the most eligible bachelor, is invited to a college event as the chief guest. Everything was going smoothly until the name of the winner was introduced. Shivyanka – the name brought a rush of emotions which he was unable to push away. It reminded him of his past. A past that was hard to live with and impossible to forget.

Even after 10 years, he was unable to forget her name, the memories they made together and their love. But sadly, all he could do was remember her as he recalled each and everything while telling his friend Devang the story of his lost love. But what Siddhant didn’t know was that his love was not lost.

Be with Siddhant on his journey as he sails through the sands of time and across all the hurdles thrown at him, just to find his life companion.

Because no one knows what life has planned for you, and on which turn you might find your image in someone else. Cherish your love with this intriguing story of Siddhant.

About Author

Roozan Aggarwal writes books, which, considering where you’re reading this, makes perfect sense. He’s best known among his colleagues as the nightwalker when he actually puts in nights to attain his corporate goals. A strong believer of the fact that learning never stops. Thus even after graduating, putting hours into his startup and spending the little time left with him in his internship and further studies, he makes sure to try a different subject altogether on his lazy weekends.
To be a writer, you have to love books and be a bookworm, they say. That was never a case with him. In fact, in his initial years after school, he never touched novels thinking them to be a bore. But there was this one train ride, where he purchased a novel out of the blue and from thereafter it changed his life.
Books to him are a key to his own world. A world where he doesn’t live up to anyone’s expectations. A world where he has the authority to everything. A world where no one has any control over his thoughts.
He is also a dedicated gamer and never misses any chance of spending hours romancing his PlayStation and being a couch potato thereafter.
He can be reached on his mail id:

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