The Promenade

Genre :

Author : Nishtha Kumar

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : November 2020


The Promenade


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“The Promenade, as the name suggests is all about our journey. It encompasses the sorrows we suffer, the times we smile, the
people we meet every day and moments when we genuinely pray. The book is a confluence of different phases we experience in our lives. The poetic narrative of The Promenade doesn’t aim to preach but to mirror secrets hidden in the deepest corners of our hearts, which we refuse to talk about in open.”

About the Author

Nishtha Kumar is a reader who found her meaning in poetry. She wants to develop her art further to open her own literature school someday. She devotes most of her time in painting and preferring Fritz Lang over Hitchcock. She travels often to break away from the world and spends solitary time, just to think. She is just waiting for the right moment to visit Kashmir. She is also a ukulele enthusiast and wants to develop the patience of a musician. Every art-form brings new meaning, after all. Currently, she is a self-employed Copywriter. Connect with her: Instagram nishthi_doi and Twitter @NishthaKumar5



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