The Pragmatic

Genre : ,

Author : Yogesh Pandey

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017


The Pragmatic


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There is a thin line between being practical and being insensible. Arijit, a young boy struggling to overcome his sentimental approach towards life, finds himself standing at the edge of this line. Priya is a confident, bold girl and a grammar nerd. On a tragic night, she is lost in an indecent locality of the city. Kabir is a free-minded and easy-going guy with few expectations and high hopes from life. He tries to hit on every girl he meets but fails miserably. The Pragmatic is a story of these guys. About their friendship, love and crucial decisions in life.

About Author

Yogesh Pandey, 21, is currently pursuing his post-graduate degree from Fergusson College, Pune. He is an avid reader, a freelance writer and an indigenously humorous and jovial guy. The Pragmatic is his debut novel. Yogesh can be reached at

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