The Perfect Marriage?

Genre : ,

Author : Jyoti Gupta and Varuna Gupta

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017


The Perfect Marriage?


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Smita is about to marry Avinash, her prince in shining armor, and dreams of a home filled with children, love, and happiness. Entering into her marriage with stars in her eyes, her honeymoon period ends soon and she is jolted into reality. After thirteen years of marriage and two children, Smita has become fat, dull, boring and a doormat. Her husband hardly looks at her, her children don’t need her, she has a pot belly, double chin, greying hair, and no self-respect. Guided by Roshini and the flamboyant Durga, she enters into the world of discovering her vibrant side through the Mrs. Perfect contest – a journey of how she sets out to improve her life and ends up changing more than her figure. What will happen in the contest? Will the road she has taken prove to be a better path? How will her husband respond? Will it rekindle their lost love? Will her children respect her? The story is an exploration of the wishes and longings that live deep inside every woman’s heart where bowed down by society, adhering to its norms and compromising on her choices, she clips the wings of her dreams but hides them in her heart- no longer a mother, a wife, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, but herself.

About Author


Ms. Jyoti Gupta is a graduate from Lady Sri Ram College, Delhi University. She has an MA in English and also Multimedia and Web Page Designing.
Ms. Varuna Gupta is a graduate from Delhi University. She is a Chartered Accountant and has an M.Com. Being sisters, they are surrounded by a loving family and share their South Delhi bungalow with their naughty pet, Tony. Passionate about reading and writing, they decided to pen down their thoughts and feel it’s a wonder how ideas crowded their minds till they completed their book through sheer hard work. They have even written a fictional novel, Tatpurush – Secret of the illumine Soul and are working on another one. They love writing about families and strong women who are struggling to find their niche in life, as well as action-packed thrillers. Finally, their dream of publishing after a long struggle is coming true and they would continue to charm their readers with further work as well. Hearing from their readers is one of their many pleasures as authors. You can reach them through their email – or facebook page: The Perfect Marriage?

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