The Parking Boy

Genre : ,

Author : Kandarp Prajapati

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017


The Parking Boy


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No one can surprise you more than your own life. Before he can understand this fact, a 20-year-old boy, with a dream of living his life his own way gets his first slap from life itself when he has to forget his dream of becoming a CA and to accept a job as a security boy in the night shift. The darkness of the night starts tempting him to go into a world of all illegal business. He makes his mind that anyhow he has to pursue his dream to become a CA, but God has some different thoughts for him. Very soon, Darkness traps him and his life takes the first wrong turn but he doesn’t know that this one single mistake will drag him to the death of his own mother. Everything changes in a single night. He changes himself completely but it is not enough, it is not an end but a beginning. A beginning of the new end. A story of love, friendship, and family. A story of how relationships change with time. How promises are broken. How a man can change himself to survive in this cruel world.

About Author

Kandarp Prajapati is a banker working in a nationalized bank for two years. Before this, he worked for some private ventures for two years. He himself reads a lot and loves to spend time with books the most.

Kandarp Prajapati lives in Kalol with his family. He enjoys movies, as well as all kinds of sports (watching and playing both).

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