The Parah’s of Love

Genre :

Author : Vyasadi

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


The Parah’s of Love


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God? Beloved? Both?
Certainly, I choose beloved and god was after me. The relation between two people equates to three. Who is that third one? Most probably will be your first love. A step towards my beloved made hundreds and thousands of feathers. Unfortunately, my steps stopped but such bliss it is to find oneself in the skies! From the love for god to the love for one’s beloved, all has been presented divinely. The blending of love and mysticism will take you into the oasis of godly rhythm. With the sweetness of wisdom all has been prepared. Love has been torched to such an extent that even the shadows are to be seen very brightly.
This platonic experience will give you the opportunity to delve into the inner splendor of one’s love towards heaven above and at the same time with one who is worldly precious. And what more if some stories and some liners hop in this quest for thirst? This is the book that will take you home but beware all is not comfort.

About Author

I am a firm believer in love.

Although I never liked attending school and college, I am a BMM graduate. Few friends I have but I hold them with great love. I have traveled to many countries but I think my journey started when I walked within. I am fascinated by faith, such is my fascination that I have locked my heart there, what fascinates me is that it never tried to run away. Service to others gives me great joy and I love to help others. Would really love to get in touch with you through Instagram (vyasadi_). Feel free to have an open conversation with me and don’t forget to stay updated and upgraded by my blogs.
I have not much to talk about, for I have never done anything great. All that I have done was strange.

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