The Living Paradox

Author : Abhinandan Mukherjee

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : January 2020


The Living Paradox


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“You have set an example for the world. You have brought humankind closer to their deities. It’s not just their authorities and responsibilities that make a God revered, it is their actions and deeds. Your actions made you the closest to Him.”

Year 2020, The Republic of Jannah emerged in the midst of a cold war among the five great nations. The same year I, Clarion “Larry” Sharma was born.

At age 12, I lost two of my most important things – My mother and my memories. At age 17, I left home in search for clues.

During my quest, my mother’s death became my sole motivation. I even died chasing every version of truth. In the Afterlife, I was furious at the Supreme God who I felt was manipulating me. He offered me three wishes in order to compensate.

These three wishes solved the mystery of her death but changed how I looked at life. It changed me.

My actions indeed made me the closest to Him.

What you would have done in my place?

How did my choices affect my life? Why don’t you find it yourself?

This is not just another cliche. It is my tale how I emerged as the youngest demigod, how I ended up being ‘The Living Paradox’.

Abhinandan Mukherjee

Abhinandan Mukherjee, a student of hospitality studies, culinary enthusiast, food writer and blogger. He aspires to be a people’s chef. He loves to listen to people’s ideas and stories. His strength lies in his imagination, always trying to break the boundaries. The same imagination motivates him to strive to create good food and stories. He is also a black belt in Karate, a superhero geek and a part-time Mathematics teacher.

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